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Tenancy Management

Property Management

Satisfied tenants are a key component of any property held for income generation as they guarantee the regular expected income flow for the Investor. However, managing the relationship between a tenant and the landlord starting from the sourcing of good tenants, vetting the tenant to fit regulatory requirements & tenancy terms and conditions while making it an easy process for the tenant, signing the contract, Collecting the cheques & depositing them, handling complaints from the tenants & closing them, following returned cheques, maintaining the property in a habitable state, handling legal issues with tenants, renewing tenancy contracts, handling tenancy terminations, overseeing evictions if any-good vetting at the start of our processes of sourcing minimizes this, to making the property ready and habitable by the next new tenant can be a daunting exercise for a landlord and all these activities consume a considerable time to accomplish.

At Kings’ Palace, we have assembled a team of competent and experienced personnel, armed with clear documented procedures backed by well defined roles & responsibilities utilizing a customized IT system to effectively & efficiently deliver all the above services.

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