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Our Services

Kings Palace Real Estate

Since 1991, Kings’ Palace Real Estate Pvt.J.S.C. has been focused in meeting the real estate client needs. Our company has developed a strong contacts not only in UAE, GCC but as well as Internationally, particularly in CIS Countries and are trusted by top Developers and Landlords in handling the projects exclusively.

Knowing the UAE real estate market at heart, and as we base our values on honesty, integrity and fairness to all, we are ready to put into each of our exclusive and non-exclusive projects extra resources just to ensure that people who entrusted us with the marketing and management of their projects will have a success story to tell the world.

Under our trade license, we are very proud to let you know that we are allowed and can do the following services:

 Real Estate Investment Consultancy

• Investment Advisory

• Property Buying, Selling, Leasing 

  • Database:  
    • local and international investors
    • Local and freehold properties
    • Professional Property Consultants
    • Worldwide Contacts 
    • Regular Advertising 
  • Website:  
    • Over 5,000 properties online 
    • Over 100,000 visitors every month. 
  •  Facebook
  •  Twitter
  •  Blackberry Messengers
  •  Network of over 85 professional Sales Staff
  •  Global network of International Partners

Investment Advisory

•Acquisition & Disposition

•Marketing and Business Development 

•Development Consultancies

•Market Research

•Property / Facility Management

  • Facility Management
    • Administrative Services
      • Call Center
      • General Administration and Coordination
  • Facility Management Services
    • Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing
    • Cleaning Services
    • Landscaping Services
    • Waste Management Services
    • Security and Concierge Services
    • Pest Control Management
    • Strata Management
  • Property Management Reports
    • Tenant Services
    • Rental Agreements 
    • Energy Consumption Cross Charging
    • Helpdesk Services

• Maintenance of Properties

• Property Evaluation 

Our Freehold, Leasing, Local Sales, Property Procurement and Property Management Department are extremely experienced in the market and are flexible in handling the high speed complexity of the Dubai realty development.

Each of the Department has their own expertise to contribute in any Property Evaluation project that we are handling.

We use methodologically qualitative and quantitative methods including the following to generate satisfying results.

• Interior Decoration 

• Research & Investment

• Feasibility Studies

• Legal Consultancy

Our own Legal Department can handle and help resolve the legal business issues, consultancies or difficulties that may arise between landlords, tenants and other business dealings.

Kings’ Palace Real Estate Legal Department is most capable in handling and working out legal issues for the best interest of all parties at the fastest time.

Our Legal Department Staff can deal with the situation accordingly and promptly.