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Abu Dhabi
The Emirate of Abu Dhabi is located in the oil-rich and strategic Persian Gulf region. It adjoins the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Sultanate of Oman. The emirate borders the emirate of Dubai to its north.

Abu Dhai city is a modern city with broad boulevards, tall office and apartment buildings, and busy shops.

Abu Dhabi now has more than US$100 billion of real estate projects in hand, including the Yas Island, Saadiyat Island, Al Raha Beach, Danet Abu Dhabi, Najmat Abu Dhabi, Shams Abu Dhabi, Capital Center and others.

Sharjah is the third largest emirate in the United Arab Emirates, and is the only one to have land on both the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman.

The city of Sharjah, which overlooks the Persian Gulf, It contains the main administrative and commercial centers together with an especially impressive array of cultural and traditional projects, including several museums. Distinctive landmarks are the two major covered souks, reflecting Islamic design; a number of recreational areas and public parks such as Al Jazeirah Fun Park and Al Buheirah Corniche. The city is also notable for its numerous elegant mosques. The Emirate of Sharjah is also known to be the Cultural Capital of the UAE. The Expo Centre of Sharjah is well known for the annual book fair that is famous all over the region.

With an area of just 260 square kilometres, Ajman is the smallest emirate by area which is surrounded to its north, south, and east by Sharjah.

Ajman has experienced massive development and a construction boom in recent years. Ajman is currently the only emirate in the UAE offering investors of any nationality fully transparent true 100% freehold ownership on real estate, which in turn has attracted a huge number of investors (local and international) to this emirate. This in turn has prompted the Ajman government to initiate a number of development projects.

New Ajman is the name given to the area being developed outside of the current Ajman city, located by the Emirates Road. New Ajman will consist of many new developments & projects. One of the first developments of New Ajman is called "The Emirates City", a brand new city located directly on the Emirates Road to be built from scratch consisting of more than 100 mid- and high-rise buildings. A number of shopping malls, hotels and residential villas are also planned to eventually extend all the way to the 'Al Zoura' area, where beachside developments are planned.

Ras Al Khaimah
Ras Al Khaimah is a rich and rugged land, with beautiful and dramatic mountains, red sandy deserts and lush green plains indented by a series of creeks and lagoons. It has a rich heritage which manifests in numerous historical sites, forts and abandoned villages. Recent excavations reveal a history dating back to 5'000 BC. All these natural resources inspire us to focus on tourism and especially eco-tourism in Ras Al Khaimah Emirate.

Umm Al Quwain
Umm Al Quwain, covers an area of 800 square kilometers and stretches from the beautiful, lush green coastal mangroves lining the shores of the Persian Gulf, inland across the rolling sand dunes to the fertile oasis surrounding Falaj Al Moalla.

The tourist center is located in the Umm Al Quwain lagoon where the natural green islands provide shelter for several square miles of clean and unpolluted water without the hazard of rough open sea, which is most ideal for water sport and small boat activities.

The Emirate of Fujairah covers 1,150 km² (440 sq mi), or about 1.5% of the area of the U.A.E. Its population is around 130,000 inhabitants.

Fujairah is the only Emirate of the U.A.E. that is almost totally mountainous. All the other Emirates, like Dubai and Abu Dhabi are located on the west coast, and are largely covered by desert. Therefore, Fujairah boasts a higher than average yearly rainfall, allowing farmers in the region to produce one meaningful crop every year.

The present ruler is planning to make changes that will affect Fujairah in the future. Among other tourism projects in the pipeline is an $817m resort, Al Fujairah Paradise, near Dibba, on the northern Omani border, next to Le Meridien Al Aqah Beach Resort. There will be around 1,000 five-star villas as well as hotels, and it is expected that all the construction work will be finished within two years.

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