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Marketing and Business Development

Facility Management

Our Marketing and Business Development Team handles all the branding, marketing, communication and advertising responsibilities in the company, both for Kings Palace Real Estate PJSC and for our clients and partners.

The Marketing and Business Development Team is well-experienced and specialized in providing marketing expertise for project launches and other new developments in the UAE.

Through extensive research, study and consultancy, our Marketing and Business Development Team aims to provide clients with a more structured marketing plan and budget that will effectively promote the project.

One of the major factors included in giving our marketing consultancy is identifying the project unique selling proposition in order to produce effective marketing and advertising campaigns thus, ensure that the project receives the maximum exposure and reaches its target market.

The Marketing Services:

  • Marketing each project individually
  • Marketing projects that you have together as one brand
  • Building the Brand Image for your company as our partner and independently
  • Media buying, planning and budgeting
  • Web Marketing such as web listing and advertising
  • Arrange press events, conferences and press relation management
  • New Wave Marketing such as relationship marketing, permission marketing, direct marketing, tradeshow marketing and online marketing.
  • SMS Marketing

The Business Development Services:

  • Sales Agreement to sell your projects
  • Exclusive Sales & Marketing Agreement for Developer's Projects
  • Cooperation Agreement