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M13-14 Al Andalus Building Abu Hail Road, Deira, Dubai United Arab Emirates | +971 4 2699 113

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Managing Director

H.E. Mohammed Al Suwaidi – Group Vice-President & Managing Director

I take pride to introduce Kings' Palace Real Estate Pvt.J.S.C. as a leading and well-organized establishment in Dubai. From a modest beginning, Kings' Palace Real Estate Pvt.J.S.C. has grown in leaps and bounds to become today's Dubai leading real estate company.

My dream came true after years of hard work and proficiency in the market. My real satisfaction was to see the company growing day by day, and this is purely due to the efforts of my qualified, professional and loyal staff.

I do believe that our personalized service and reasonable pricing, combined with professionalism – prompt and courteous response to enquiries and our inborn knack for spontaneously grasping the client's needs – made us something special .... something truly unique!

There is no magic about it – it's simply an honest-to-goodness service - with a smile.

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