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Facilities Management

Facility Management

Unlike other asset classes like shares, Bonds & Commodities, properties require regular management of the facilities therein. Upon recognizing this, Kings’ Palace has handy a dedicated facilities management team that offers preventive property maintenance services to all properties under its management. In addition to the preventive maintenance, our facilities maintenance team offers the following services:

  • Building/grounds improvements;
  • Common space cleaning & acclimatization;
  • Scheduled regular property exterior maintenance;
  • 24/7 emergency services;
  • 24/7 security services as required by the landlord;
  • Plus any other extra services that you may request.

Bonus Value added

In addition to the core benefits provided by our property management department, we offer extra value addition services such as legal counseling & advice, advice on rental price movements, advice and/or manage property insurance, market the property through appropriate media.

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